Jeriquaquara – Brazil

DSC02264.jpgJeriquaquara…. A really small town which is highly recommended by everyone i met in Brazil….

It’s the perfect place for beach, surf and being lazy. It only has beach sand roads and people are either going about on horse or beach buggy.

I stayed here for 10 days and did absolutely nothing! It was just a holiday in a holiday I guess..

You can take kite surfing lessons here but it’s a bit off season for that. Because of that do I got a great room in a posada for 25 reals. I tried some surfing but only for one day. The waves where not worth it. Especially because you pay 20 reals for a surfboard…  I was hurting all over after so at least I got a little exercise ;-).


When I asked the other guys in the hostel what they were doing tomorrow the answer was: “Well like today I’m going to test my hammock extensively … And if its good weather I’m going to move my ass to the beach….”. I guess the laziness here is contagious :smile: .

It is a really nice place. It’s almost as if time has no meaning here. Before you know it there a couple of days gone. There are 3 main streets that have all the shops (your normal havaianas shop, supermercado and the souvenir shops) and the restaurants. It’s pretty much impossible to have a bad meal here as well. Every restaurant or footstall tasted great.

DSC02344.jpgThere is a huge dune in front of Jeri at the beach side. Every day at 5 o’clock people from all over come to sit atop of the dune and watch the sunset. It’s a scene everybody is eager to see every day and it really does not get boring.

On one occasion I decided to walk down the beach. After an hour walk the sun was going down and I saw a fishing hut. I decided to take a look and ended up drinking beer and eating fresh fish with the local fisherman. A local tour guide saw me sitting and offered me a ride back to Jeri in his dune buggy. It was better than walking an hour back so an hour later we were racing across the beach. All in all a great night.

So be weary of Jeriquaquara! It’s a beautiful place but if you stay to long you may end up living there!! :cool:

ps. My camera broke down again…. :cry: Its on its way to the Netherlands now…..